Juan lives in Antofagasta, a small city between desert and sea from the north of Chile, but he dreams with big cities. When an opportunity of studying in New York appears, Juan doesn’t think twice: he travels and falls in love with the huge buildings, people from all over the world, the places that movies show over and over again. However, when his mother Magdalena starts having serious health problems back in Antofagasta, Juan’s life in New York will stop being the perfect one.

Writer/Director: Stjepan Ostoic Papic
Producer: Sebastián Sarmiento
Producción Ejecutiva: Stjepan Ostoic Papic, Tomislav Ostoic, Mauricio Matus, Bob den Hartog
Director of Photography: Snigdha Kapoor
Production Designer: Almudena Caminero
Editor: Paola Ochoa
Sound: Juan Pablo Páez
Original Score: Paco Periago
Post Production: Lyd Estudio (sound) Estudio Roco (Color Correction)

Las cenizas


Irene (42), an obsessive and religious woman, receives a testament after the death of her mother, Laura (70). She realizes that her mother was one of the owners of the rest home where she lived. Irene believes that Georgina (68), her mother's best friend, killed Laura.This research will show Irene's darkest and most violent side.

Project in Development, searching co-productions and funding.



Felipe (23) is an irresponsible college student that consumes cocaine occasionally; Edo (23), a street worker that is becoming a crack addict; and Carla (20) an active street worker that was pregnant by Edo. While Felipe's parents punish him for his addiction, Edo's addiction starts destroying his relationship with Carla. Their destinies will converge in a brutal crime that will mark their future forever.

Project in Development, searching co-productions and funding


Otro día en Ciudad Perla


Coproducción con Centro Ictus y Reno Studio

An anonymous Detective receives cases where the guilty person always loses his life in a chain of facts that he starts. One day, the Detective receives a case that implicates a baby.

Project in Development.


Serie (TV Series)
El triunfador


Jacinto, a frustrated filmmaker, returns to Antofagasta after a disastrous Festival Route with his first feature film. Also his relationship with his girlfriend Claudia is tense and Luisa, his dentist, discovers a dead tooth inside his mouth. Seeing Jacinto's desperation, his friend Gerardo decides to become the producer of his second feature.

Project in Development, searching co-productions and funding